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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Forbidden Desires has been listed for sale!

Forbidden Desires: Reversal of Fortune is out for sale! It's a short spin off to the Beautiful Sins Series. Beautiful Sins: The Divide is going to go deeper into the depth of the characters in Forbidden Desires. I wanted to give readers and opportunity to get to know them. The story dates back in the early stages in the War between the U.S. and Russia. It's actually before the Dark Coast came into play. Here's the synopsis:

Sara Robertson, a 19 year old wild child has been shipped off to London to live with her grandmother. While she pursues her education to study abroad, Sara runs into a man that she cannot deny. Drake, a 600 year old vampire prince has waited centuries to find her. The connection they share is undeniable, and Drake's life has suddenly found meaning. Unfortunately, Sara's blood also calls out to another; Aiden, the oldest living Werewolf on record. Sara belongs to the bloodline of Aiden's deceased wife Amelia; a bloodline that was presumed extinct. Aiden will stop at nothing to have another chance to love again. With Vampires and Werewolves on the brink of war, Drake must protect his lifemate and avoid a War with Aiden at all costs.

This short novel series is a spin off from the Beautiful Sins Series. Forbidden Desires gives readers the opportunity to get a personal view on the characters lives before they enter the Dark Coast.

Forbidden Desires is up for sale at, Barnes and, and


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