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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Beautiful Sins: Wordle

I went to Wordle and decided to make one. Here's what it looks like.

Wordle: Beautiful Sins: Leigha Lowery

The Vampire Next Door

Another short story came to my head while I was working on Beautiful Sins, so I ended up closing out my word doc and starting a new one. So, here it is:
Life is good for Zoe Leonard. She’s the most popular girl in school, the captain of the cheerleading squad, and she’s also an active member of the choir at her grandfather’s church. Calumet, Michigan, a small town with a population of a whopping 800 residents is the only home she knows. That is, until her mother meets Julian, a freelance writer that comes into town and sweeps Zoe’s mother off her feet. Tori, the daughter of the town’s reverend has always been outcast by the town. When Julian offers her the opportunity of a lifetime, she jumps at the chance to finally break free of the one place she’s felt has always kept her a prisoner.

Zoe’s not looking forward to moving to the one place on earth that has been classified as “the hell world” by her friends and family. She’s moving to The Dark Coast, a large portion of the U.S. that is ruled by constant cloud cover. When they arrive to their new house in a small subdivision in Forest Grove, Oregon, everything seems great. While Julian and Tori rebuild their lives together, Zoe tries to grow accustomed to her new surroundings. It’s summer, and the subdivision is filled with children her age, but Zoe finds difficulty connecting with them. That is, until she meets Tristan, her next door neighbor. Rumor has it, Tristan never communicates with anyone in the community. He’s irresistibly handsome, and his eyes seem filled with secrets. He’s known for being rude and vague, but something’s different this time. Will Zoe accept him as a friend when she discovers his secret?

Click on the cover to read a free excerpt!

It should be live sometime next week. It's already up for sale at smashwords. I've also made a trailer for this short:

I spent a few hours doing some light cleaning to the site. It still needs a lot of work, but between my writing projects, marketing, editing, creating book trailers, and designing book covers, I barely have the time. I'm going to stop through my two other websites that are live and do some work there as well.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More Delays

I'm sorry everyone. I want to announce the delay in Beautiful Sins: The Divide. There are a few kinks that need to be sorted out before I put the story online. Therefore, Beautiful Sins: The Divide will not be published until March 28, 2011. Again I want to apologize for the delay.

However, I do have some good news. There is a new Short Story that I've added to The Beautiful Sins Series. It's titled, The Vampire I Met In The Alley. Here is the synopsis of the story.
After a long evening of work waitressing at Bookworm’s Café, a small bookstore/café in the heart of Downtown Seattle, Destiny bumps into a severely injured man in the alley. As she does her best to aid the man, Destiny becomes suspicious by the man’s swift healing abilities. To make matters worse, Destiny discovers that Kathy, her only friend on the Dark Coast has quit her job at the café. Suspicious by her sudden disappearance, Destiny decides to search for her missing friend by visiting her new place of employment; The Outland Club, one of the many gothic clubs that rule Seattle’s nightlife. There’s something different about Outland Club. As Destiny enters the club in search of her friend, she realizes there is a world beyond her human eyes. A world full of vampires and there’s one Vampire in particular that has captured her attention. This Vampire has plans for Destiny and leaving is not one of them.

This short story is a small addition to the Beautiful Sins Series.

Warning; there are some small erotic scenes in this short story.

I've published the story on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords for $0.99. It should go live within the next twenty four hours. I will also post and update to announce that it has officially gone live.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Finally *Sigh* I've found an EDITOR

Finally, I can breathe. I've been putting in my disclaimers that I know that I was in need of an editor. I read through my titles myself but it's impossible to catch everything. So, I've found an editor that I can afford and as promised, I'm putting every single popping penny into each of my titles so that readers may start to see improvements in my work.

From now on, I will work with an professional editor before sending my to BN, Smashwords, and Amazon for publishing.

I want to thank everyone again for taking the time to read my story.

Friday, March 11, 2011

New Book Trailer! Forbidden Desires: Reversal of Fortune

I finally got off my butt and made a book trailer to promote my new short series, Forbidden Desires: Reversal of Fortune. It flippin snowed in Inkster, Michigan again. Yesterday pouring rain, today flippin five inches of snow. :-( Anyhoo, I hope you enjoy my new short series.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Forbidden Desires has been listed for sale!

Forbidden Desires: Reversal of Fortune is out for sale! It's a short spin off to the Beautiful Sins Series. Beautiful Sins: The Divide is going to go deeper into the depth of the characters in Forbidden Desires. I wanted to give readers and opportunity to get to know them. The story dates back in the early stages in the War between the U.S. and Russia. It's actually before the Dark Coast came into play. Here's the synopsis:

Sara Robertson, a 19 year old wild child has been shipped off to London to live with her grandmother. While she pursues her education to study abroad, Sara runs into a man that she cannot deny. Drake, a 600 year old vampire prince has waited centuries to find her. The connection they share is undeniable, and Drake's life has suddenly found meaning. Unfortunately, Sara's blood also calls out to another; Aiden, the oldest living Werewolf on record. Sara belongs to the bloodline of Aiden's deceased wife Amelia; a bloodline that was presumed extinct. Aiden will stop at nothing to have another chance to love again. With Vampires and Werewolves on the brink of war, Drake must protect his lifemate and avoid a War with Aiden at all costs.

This short novel series is a spin off from the Beautiful Sins Series. Forbidden Desires gives readers the opportunity to get a personal view on the characters lives before they enter the Dark Coast.

Forbidden Desires is up for sale at, Barnes and, and

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Book Bloggers! I LOVE YOU ALL

I had somewhat of a traumatic day yesterday. I think I lost my boyfriend of two years because of a "white lie" that I told him. So, he's currently not speaking to me lol. When I'm upset about something, I've found that it's healthier to focus more on your work than curling up in your bed with a large pizza, and a two liter soda. So, I opened up my laptop and said, what the hell.... Why don't I go online and try asking a few book blogs if they would be willing to review my books? I've been so nervous about contacting book bloggers; I can't even tell you why. I'm so nervous and shy about reaching out to people.

Whether I get good reviews, or horrible reviews, I'm thankful and appreciative of the exposure. Book Bloggers take time out of their busy day to take a chance on a newbie author like myself. I'm so excited, I'm already getting replies from a few bloggers. Everyone is nice and positive about helping me out. So this weekend, I'm running of to the post office and mailing out copies of my first book.

Also, if there is any blogger out there that would be willing allow me to do a guest blog, author interview I would really appreciate the exposure. Also, I am still open to book reviews. I'll send you out a free copy of my first novel, Beautiful Sins: Leigha Lowery.

Thank you again to all you lovely Book Bloggers out there. :-)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Goodreads, finally..........

Goodreads finally granted me an author profile. I'm all smiles right now. I've been extremely busy over the past few days; focusing mainly on writing. I started working on the final chapters of The Divide, and another idea popped into my head. Why don't I start my spin-offs now? That way, as new characters come into the Beautiful Sins series, they'll already be some back story for everyone that finds themselves interested in the new character. Also, I figured the spin-offs might also give more information on my vampires. So, I put The Divide aside to start working on a short 25k-30k spin off on the series. I'm calling it Forbidden Desires. I had purchased a domain name about 4 or 5 months ago and called if I wasn't sure at all what my plans were going to be with it; so I set it aside, hoping that it would come to me in time.

I'm soooooooo glad I did. It's such a catchy name, and it goes well with the series. I'm halfway completed with the first story and I've decided that I'm going to put my focus completing it and getting it ready for publishing. That way, while you're reading this new short story, I can finish up The Divide, granted that I do not get anymore ideas. My wicked brain seems to be full of them.

Also, I threw myself back into research. Once again I realized that I need to go through all my published works and edit them once again..... It's so hard when you cannot afford an editor. I swear, the first big check I get from these books, I'm seeking out the best affordable editor I can find. I also need to reformat my books yet AGAIN. It seems they are coming out in left formatting, and I need them all to be justified. I want to go through my books once more before I start contacting book bloggers and asking them to review my books. I'm hoping to have Forbidden Desires completed by the end of the day, but it's so hard to focus on my writing these days. My family and friends really don't take my passion seriously. I have to help my mother wash clothes, and my phone is suddenly ringing off the hook now that I've actually found a way to keep myself busy. So, if I can keep the nonsense down, I'll definitely have this book finished by the end of the day. Then I can start the editing process and maybe even design a book cover.

Ah, so much work, and so little time...........

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Beautiful Sins: The Divide

Another endless day of hard work. I'm half way through the fourth installment to my series, Beautiful Sins: The Divide. I haven't come up with the full synopsis for this book, but I've very excited about where it's going so far. I actually took time out of my day to design the cover.

Yesterday, I spent the majority of my day doing the book covers. I had to work yesterday and I was so exhausted after making the trailers. I have one more to make then I'm going to finish promoting my trailers and finally get back to my writing. Self publishing is a full time job in itself.

This is a short blog today; I know it is, but I just have so much to work on today it's crazy. I'm going to have to start making an outline of things I want to work on. There's so much to do and my desk is insane right now.

Anyhoo, I hope you enjoy the cover.