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Beautiful Sins: Leigha Lowery

The skies of the Dark Coast, the Pacific Coastline of U.S. States has been infected with a strange chemical reaction from a military experiment gone awry. Constant cloud cover rules over the lands. Leigha Lowery, a sixteen year-old popular fiction writer in the local free press is pulled from the only home she knows in Detroit, MI when her mother decides on an impulse to marry a doctor she’s been dating over the internet and moves to the small town of Banks, Oregon. As she adjusts to her new life of wealth and power, she begins to realize that the rumors about the Dark Coast aren’t even close to what she’s witnessed. Prince Alexander Sommers, the son of King Royce, and heir to the throne has taken a fascination to her. He pulls her into a world of vampires, werewolves, witches, and many other creatures of the night that have decided to make the Dark Coast their home.
Beautiful Sins: Olivia Lowery

My name is Olivia Lowery. I’m a wealthy socialite residing outside of the Dark Coast, on the Upper East Side no less. I’m beautiful, I’m privileged and I can have just about any guy that I want. That is… until the morning of my sixteenth birthday. That’s when I discovered something different about myself. When I got up that morning and looked in my fancy antique vanity mirror; my eyes were different… But what I didn’t realize was the meaning behind it, and how it would change my life forever. I’m not human, this much I know. I have the ability to lift full-sized taxi cabs with the lift of a single finger, I can jump out of eighteen story buildings and land with minor scratches. My senses are intensified. I anticipate danger before it happens and my reflexes are flawless. I keep teleporting to a girl I’ve never met; and the worst part is, she looks exactly like me. With my vile step-brother as my Seeker, and assistant; together we will save her.
Beautiful Sins: The Sacrifice

As Leigha and Olivia try to readjust their lives on the Dark Coast, changes rapidly come into play when everyone is forced to sacrifice someone they hold close to their hearts in order to move forward with the prophecy. Leigha comes to terms with her true identity, while Olivia's loyalty is constantly tested. While the girls hand out with their friends on a school night, they are attacked by nomad teenagers from The Lost City (Old Lost Angeles), where King Christian reigns. Christian's coven has almost bled his area dry, and now his coven seeks further sustenance outside their lands. Leigha must enter the unknown as the princess she once was and bring the lands back to order. Meanwhile, Olivia struggles with her strong desire for the one Vampire she knows she cannot have; Prince Gabriel.
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Beautiful Sins: The Divide

This is the fourth installment in the Beautiful Sins Series. I'm currently finishing up the manuscript and will be available online March 16, 2011. I currently do not have a synopsis but I will have one online soon.
Forbidden Desires: Reversal of Fortune

Sara Robertson, a 19 year old wild child has been shipped off to London to live with her grandmother. While she pursues her education to study abroad, Sara runs into a man that she cannot deny. Drake, a 600 year old vampire prince has waited centuries to find her. The connection they share is undeniable, and Drake's life has suddenly found meaning. Unfortunately, Sara's blood also calls out to another; Aiden, the oldest living Werewolf on record. Sara belongs to the bloodline of Aiden's deceased wife Amelia; a bloodline that was presumed extinct. Aiden will stop at nothing to have another chance to love again. With Vampires and Werewolves on the brink of war, Drake must protect his lifemate and avoid a War with Aiden at all costs.
The Vampire I Met In The Alley

After a long evening of work waitressing at Bookworm’s Café, a small bookstore/café in the heart of Downtown Seattle, Destiny bumps into a severely injured man in the alley. As she does her best to aid the man, Destiny becomes suspicious by the man’s swift healing abilities. To make matters worse, Destiny discovers that Kathy, her only friend on the Dark Coast has quit her job at the café. Suspicious by her sudden disappearance, Destiny decides to search for her missing friend by visiting her new place of employment; The Outland Club, one of the many gothic clubs that rule Seattle’s nightlife. There’s something different about Outland Club. As Destiny enters the club in search of her friend, she realizes there is a world beyond her human eyes. A world full of vampires and there’s one Vampire in particular that has captured her attention. This Vampire has plans for Destiny and leaving is not one of them.
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The Vampire Next Door

Life is good for Zoe Leonard. She’s the most popular girl in school, the captain of the cheerleading squad, and she’s also an active member of the choir at her grandfather’s church. Calumet, Michigan, a small town with a population of a whopping 800 residents is the only home she knows. That is, until her mother meets Julian, a freelance writer that comes into town and sweeps Zoe’s mother off her feet. Tori, the daughter of the town’s reverend has always been outcast by the town. When Julian offers her the opportunity of a lifetime, she jumps at the chance to finally break free of the one place she’s felt has always kept her a prisoner.

Zoe’s not looking forward to moving to the one place on earth that has been classified as “the hell world” by her friends and family. She’s moving to The Dark Coast, a large portion of the U.S. that is ruled by constant cloud cover. When they arrive to their new house in a small subdivision in Forest Grove, Oregon, everything seems great. While Julian and Tori rebuild their lives together, Zoe tries to grow accustomed to her new surroundings. It’s summer, and the subdivision is filled with children her age, but Zoe finds difficulty connecting with them. That is, until she meets Tristan, her next door neighbor. Rumor has it, Tristan never communicates with anyone in the community. He’s irresistibly handsome, and his eyes seem filled with secrets. He’s known for being rude and vague, but something’s different this time. Will Zoe accept him as a friend when she discovers his secret?
Weathering The Storm

Stranded in a strange town by stormy weather, Jenah is befriended by Caleb, a gorgeous man with a mysterious past. While she’s immediately attracted to him, she quickly discovers that the rest of the town doesn't share her affections for the auburn-haired one, so she sets out to prove to them, and to Caleb, that he’s anything but a monster. At the same time, Jenah struggles with issues of her own. She's in desperate need for a kidney transplant, and the time clock is ticking. She's trying to enjoy what time she has left; if it so happens that she never finds a donor. Her erratic, worrisome mother wants to keep her locked away in her room, while Jenah has other plans for the time spent. Will she have to weather the storm alone?
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It's the year 2022, and Sonja -Marie Jamison is one of the most successful underwear models in history since Hedi Klum. She's only 19, she's just signed a contract with Wisegal, the top modeling agency in the world. Sonja is the current object of the press and paparazzi. She's followed everywhere, from her college courses at NYU as an Art Major, to her 3 day a week aerobics training sessions on West 32nd street. Due to the horrible economic climate over the past 10 years, Sonja has become the breadwinner of the Jamison household. The heavy stress of the press and paparazzi is beginning to take a toll on Sonja's personal and academic life and Tressa, Sonja's mother fears that Sonja will choose her personal life and education over her career.

Tressa and Rose, Sonja's Talent Agent agree that Sonja needs a break from city life and conjure a secret deal with Harvard's Dean of the Arts. Sonja is the new top Underwear Model for Victoria Secret. And since Sam, Sonja's twin brother and Liberal Arts Major is currently attending, it seems fit that Harvard would be a safe haven for Sonja to continue her studies privately. Sonja accepts, knowingly that she has to keep herself mildly in the press by participating in the schools social clubs and private events.

While at Harvard, Sonja becomes the object of almost every male in school's affection and even attracts a stalker, Adrian Howell, a 25 year old Computer Science Graduate Student. Adrian is well known in Harvard for his exceptionally high SAT score of 1600, his hacking expertise, and his wealthy surname. As the second smartest student at Harvard and second richest, Adrian could buy any womans affections yet he has never so much as kissed a woman in his lifetime.  Adrian suffers from a mental disorder called Erotomania, where he obsesses over women that hold his affection so much that he begins to believe he is with them before he begins dating them. Tormenting them, he frightens them off before he can even get them out on a second date. Feared by the power of his wealthy family, Adrian's indiscretions are usually paid off in lawsuit settlements however, his rumored behavior lingers on in the whispers of Harvard Students.  Adrian currently has his sights set on Sonja-Marie Jamison, his new dorm mate just across the hall from him. While he pretends to hate her in public, he secretly has an full on affair with her in his private thoughts.