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Publishing Resources

This is some of the most helpful software I've been using to assist me with my publishing work. If there is any other programs out there that you would like to recommend, please shoot me an email and I will gladly post it here for the public.

Wizards for Authors: They have one of the best Ghost Reviewer programs around. You'll need Microsoft Word in order to use it. 

Adobe Photoshop: Helps a great deal with cover design. I'm an expert Adobe user, but I'm also lazy as hell. Graphic Design  will actually take up just as much time as it takes to write a book. If you are not good with photoshop, I would recommend that you hire someone in freelance. I have found some very good and affordable freelance Graphic Designers at and 

Microsoft Word: I use this mainly to write my all of my manuscripts. I also use this software for interior formatting of my paperback and ebooks for kindle. If you don't have word, it's a very good program. 

Epub Maker: I purchased this software but I have to admit that I rarely use it. I've tested it a few times and I will agree that it works, however, I feel more comfortable using MS Word than this software. 

Book Design Wizard: I have to say that this is by far the best interior formatting software on the web. It's a tad bit expensive $40.00, but It's an excellent investment. This is a great software program for preparing your paperback manuscript for POD publishing. Createspace/Lulu love and accept this software. However, the only drawback is that it's a Microsoft Plugin. You have to have Microsoft Word in order to use this.

Youtube: You will some of the best video tutorials on the web. I'm more of a visual learner than a reader. I have found some great visual aides on this site that has helped me with publishing my novels.