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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Beautiful Sins: The Divide

The encounter with King Christian has turned out to be more than what Leigha had anticipated. Now, as a Princess, Leigha is going to discover more about herself than she imagined. Leigha discovers she holds more of a connection to King Christian than she was told. Olivia also makes some discoveries of her own. She finds out the real reason why her mother died and seeks vengeance. There is a powerful creature lurking in the Lost City, a creature that cannot be destroyed. It’s called the Crael, and it is Dr. Connally’s creation of the perfect warrior.

Things take a turn for the worst when Olivia’s battle with the Crael turns to confusion. With Leigha and Olivia’s strong similar features, the Crael does not understand which beauty is the enemy. Fearful of Olivia’s fate, Leigha’s powers awaken in her determination to save her sister. However, that opens the doorway to more complications. Somehow, Dr. Connally has discovered the missing link to the creation of his perfect warrior; Olivia’s blood.

Throughout Leigha and Olivia’s struggles, the girls will learn that they will have to divide in order to survive. But will they remain sisters or enemies while they continue this fascinating journey in the discovery of their true destinies?



Jammer2183 said...

Will this be available for Nook? It's on Amazon but I don't have a kindle and have been following the books on the Nook....

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